The Thaw

by The Wine-Dark Sea

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released 11 November 2012

The Wine-Dark Sea is:
Vincent Verweij & Kristian Perry
All songs by The Wine-Dark Sea

Cover photo by Peter Carroll, all other photos as noted




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Track Name: Hummingbird
We fall onto this canvas
A color contrasting your world

Pale blue dots, points in your actions
Reveal more questions to hold

Discouraged and restless
Falter, falter, fall

Keep up to keep standing
Exhaust what’s for all

Fall through
Find new colors
Paint your palette bright

Flee, fly over the shadow,
Poetry of this Earth’s heart
Observe, react, magnetic attraction
Pull these strands apart

Fall through
Find new colors
Paint your palette bright

Fall Through
Redefine patterns
Stars into mountains

Fall through
Find new colors
Paint your palette bright
Track Name: Stolen Day
I drew at birth
This fine essential flame
Chaos in structure
I fly in the dark
Weave through turmoil
Alive I soar

Now I dance
I found a way
Through bird's threat and weather
A field clean of grey

I bear this weight
A thousand to one
The life of much bigger
A king be undone

But I dance
I find a way

At home in this storm
This weaving I know
I lock my sight
The nectar my goal

Far from
Brimming cells
Unjust expectation
Second to none
Mites, moths, and beetles
Smoke and desire
My sisters work
The sun brings life home to us

And I dance
My wings unravel
I'll find my place
Among dirt trees and gravel
Track Name: Cities of Sand
A city shines
gleaming lights and gold

Our city bright
The envy of our world

Replaced all curves
With lines from our design

Paved our fields
With pipes and silver wire

You watch the ticking hand
Instead of the sun
When the storm comes
Where will the water run

See the towers grow
Your words mean nothing
They never stop
We’ll build them to the sun

Our plans dictate this
See page Eleven
We follow the lines
Of our design

You channelled your waters
As they scour the land
Tore the tops off mountains
Built cities of sand

The silence between you
The concrete above

The river is charging
Breaking the banks

In perfect straight lines
Hear the churn and grind
Will your towers stay standing
When your foundation gives up

Here we stand
Towers Fall
Here we stand
At our ruins

Here we fall
From all grace
Here we fall
Waters Rise

Wake Up
The River
Always Wins
Track Name: Between Frames
Static feel
Old clouds
Find me

I hear
I float

My eyes
Close the dawn

A real
Sense, urgent
But distant
And concrete

All lines
In this moment
I am here

Feel this winter
As the snow
Its spiral dance

Bring this
Hazy ether
That pitch
Feels complete

I find
My Eyes
I find
Track Name: Spring
Break the roads with roots
I burst through these lines
You are forgotten
Erased by vines

New spores discover
Welcoming shores
In lungs, in wind
Future walls are built

Infect the roads with roots
Broken the lines
You are forgotten
Displaced by vines

New spores discover
Fresh fertile ground
In lungs, in wind
Growing unbound

I Draw up the shoot
Crack the ice
Cry new breaths
As tendrils climb
I am
The Thaw

Coughing Carbon
As oceans rise
Cherry blossoms
Miss their cue
I am
The Thaw

Strands reformed
Sewn together
New dawn rises
evolve and flourish
I am
The Thaw

All is
All is
Plowed under
I am
The Thaw

Broke the roads with roots
Blood runs through the lines
You are forgotten
Overgrown by vines

New spores discovered
Fresh fertile ground
Your cities give way
To nature unbound
Track Name: Speak to Us of Crime and Punishment
Fading stars
Pull up the sun
And morning dew
Becomes the clouds
Silent fields
Of sunflowers

I see waves
Pull you under

Use my hands
To push you down

Let the tide
Purge your crimes

Put yours
Onto mine

Wash off
My guilt

With fine
Perfumed words

Wash off
My guilt

Put yours
Onto mine

Wash off
My guilt

Honor this
Wine-dark sea

Filter this
All the birds
Have all agreed
Done the math,
Proved my case

Cold blue waves
Pull you under
With these hands
I pushed you down
Let the tide
Hide my crimes

Strong and swift
Will clean this
Act of mine
Of all wrong
I’m absolved
With these words
Create this
Wine-dark sea

You’re free
The waves
Find new shores
Track Name: Speak to Us of Freedom